A group of 12 Hackers were arrested, After the gang remotely got Control to Computers at Santander’s Branch in east London. 

A plot to steal millions of pounds by cyber crimnals from santander bank, east london went in vain after police foiled the plot and prevented the multi-million pound theft.

Scotland yard’s central e-crime unit (Pceu) working with the banking industry’s said in a statement that a group of 12 suspects were arrested on thursday after they made an attempt to install keyboard video mouse device (KVM) to a computer in the branch. the plot was pre planned and group tried to act as maintanence engineers during their attempt to install the rogue software, allowing transmission of complete desktop content of Bank’s computer over the Network.

Suspects were arrested on Friday, before they were able to execute their operation.

A Santander’s spokesperson said none of their staffs were involved in the plot, and no money was stolen.

Security experts says, even though the group would have managed to Install the rogue software and could have remotely got access to desktop content, it was very hard for them to by- pass banks firewall.


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