Security Update: Fix for 0-Day in Internet Explorer & New Firefox 24 with 17 fixes, including 7 critical.

2 days Back, Microsoft released a security advisory, warning users to patch the exploit with the update that allowed remote code execution., and On the same day Mozilla Released updated version of Firefox, Firefox 24 with 17 fixes, including 7 critical Vulnerabilities.


<=====Update for Vulnerability in IE, that allows Remote code Execution====>

The remote code execution Vulnerability, which may corrupt memory in a way that could allow attacker to execute arbitrary code in context of current user within Internet explorer.
Microsoft said, They are aware of targeted attacks that attempts to exploit this vulnerability in IE 8 & IE 9.
An attacker could host a specially crafted website that is designed to exploit this vulnerability through Internet explorer and then convince the visitor to view the site.

Security update has been released by Microsoft to patch this vulnerability and can be downloaded from here, Moreover Microsoft also asked user to be more cautious and Have recommended to Follow these Instruction after updating with the fix:
  • Set Internet and local Intranet, security zone settings to ‘high’, to block Active X controls and active scripting in Harmful zones.
  • Configure, IE to prompt before running Active Scripting or to disable it, while browsing in a harmful Atmosphere


<====Firefox 24 Released, 17 new fixes with 7 critical Vulnerability fixed====>

Firefox released its New Version, Firefox 24 which is having 17 new fixes from its previous version, Including 7 of the fixes rated Critical.

The vulnerability Marked in red are Critical in nature, Orange- High, and yellow – Moderate.

well the release of new version of Firefox is not only with the security reasons but also have some new features added in it.

we will Suggest our Readers keep updating their browser as soon as new updates are Available.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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