The owner of Facebook Page’s and Twitter Accounts of Anonymous Brazil, being Arrested by Federal Authorities.

The Owners of Facebook pages and twitter accounts, supporting Anonymous Activities are being arrested in Brazil.

Different Anonymous Networks on Facebook and twitter are supporting #OperacaoSeteDeSetembro, an operation which was carried out by Anonymous Brazil against the corrupt Brazil Government, The protest is set for a date 7th September of this month, which is thought to be biggest protest in History of Brazil, peoples from all over the Brazil will march over the Roads to protest against the corrupt Government.

That is the reason why, the Brazilian Government might have asked The Federal Authorities to issue the warrant and take down the Owner of the Facebook pages supporting the protest, who were Infact able to make millions to attend the protest.

Few days back on september 4th, 5 Admin of the Facebook page Black bloc RJ were arrested by the federal Authorities for the crime of incitement to violence and arm conspiracy, one of the five member was also charged for keeping child pornography on his computer. it could be noted that 2 of the arrested were minors.
In the residential investigated, police found an “alligator”, a knife, gas masks and movie V for Vendetta (often used in expressions), gloves, caps and other black clothing (worn by Black Bloc), as well as computers and phones.

A message was issued by Anonymous Brazil and was circulated to different page, asking for support and justice, and stating how they are being arrested by their state government supported by federal Authorities.

Soon After the Incident, Brazil federal Authorities issued warrant for all other Anonymous network of Brazil on Facebook and twitter.


Post by Anonymous PiCTURES.

This Could be a message for all other Anonymous Networks around the world to be safe, keeping of arms could be reason why the page admins of Black bloc RJ, were arrested while the others are being arrested for supporting and organising ‘#OperacaoSeteDeSetembro’ the protest against corrupt Government.

It could be noted that till now 7 of the page admins from different pages have been arrested and kept in jail.

Report by Abhishek kumar, follow him on Twitter: Follow @abhishekmdb


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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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