12 year old guilty in hacking government websites & causing $60,000 damage, traded stolen information for Video Games.

A 12 Year old boy from Notre-Dame-de-Grace, Montreal was found guilty in charges related to hacking websites, including the Official website of Monteral police, Chilean government and the Quebec Institute of Public Health.

The Police said hacked into various sites in 2012 causing $60,000 damage, and causing some websites to be down for more than 2 days.

Court was said, that the boy traded stolen information to Anonymous hackers for some video Games. ‘He saw it as a challenge,’ ‘There was no political purpose.’ Boys lawyer said.

Boy will be sentenced next month. QMI reported, A another Monteral boy aged 15, was held guilty in a similar case  in 2000. causing an estimated $1.7 billion damage and was sentenced to 8 months in youth detention and later he received lots of cyber security job offers.

Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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