A recent case of cyber crime in Mumbai, India shows how secure are your Information and Money with Online world, hackers were successful to steal Rs 16.7 lakhs from the Bank account of ‘Raatronics’, A private company in Mumbai.

Expert says Hacker somehow were able to obtain the net banking login of the company from illegally obtained bank databases, and were able to alter the details provided to Know Your Costumer (KYC) norms of the bank. The Mobile number of Company’s Proprietor were changed By the cyber criminals with their own. and was used to get the ‘net banking’ pincode which is required for any Money transfer.

The company have lodged a complaint to the Cyber cell wing of the police and said the were shocked when they came to know that the numbers they provided to the bank were still functional. ‘the bank should be held responsible’.

Cyber cell is still carrying out the investigation and Found the ip details of Hackers from somewhere in Nigeria and United Kingdom. There are the chances that Many other clients of the Bank, may have suffered the breach. said the cyber crime department.


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