Anonymous hackers have brought down official website of Ministry of Economy and Public Finance of Argentina by DDOS attack, Under #OpGrinch.

#OpGrinch, which is planned for Christmas day Cyber Attack on 24th and 25th December over Argentina to disrupt the Government website. Tweets from various Anonymous account says, ‘Hack Deface and Share-24 and 25 December, do shake the government network! All are invited’

At the time of writing the Article, Ministry of Economy and Public Finance of Argentina ( is down for more than half hour now.

One of The Anonymous hacker involved in the operation, who uses handle ‘Bug_Mind-404’ on twitter claims to leak documents of Military from Argentina. the leaked documents can be seen from here!ktowSYxS!DKSAzWGX4u0SI0_0QorBmQ

Meanwhile they are also trying to bring down several other Government websites of Argentina by DDOS attack.

UPDATE: 5:32 A.M GMT: Government of the Province of Cordoba ( has been brought down too.