Government website of Lodhran Police, Pakistan hacked and defaced by Indian Hacker.

Indian hacker going with the handle ‘Ashell India aka Destroyer’ hacked and defaced official website of Lodhran Police, Pakistan ( the hacked website is showing a deface page as shown in the screenshot given below:

The website was hacked for paying tribute to martyrs who gave their life on 26/11, 5 years ago in Mumbai , India Terrorist attack.

hacked website was playing a Indian Patriotic song in the background, and showing a short message,

Jai Hind

Just feel it, if you are an Indian let the song play
may all victims and soldiers who gave their life for INDIA just to protect INDIANS – fighting from terrorists sent by pakistani Government on 26/11 rest in peace

Greets to Lucky bhai, atul sir, Kishan and all Indishell and Team India Hackers

With Regards : Ashell India aka Destroyer
More than 8 hours have passed and website is still not restored, and is showing the deface page.
Hacked website: 
Meanwhile Pakistani hackers where also engaged in hacking into Indian cyberspace, yesterday some of Pakistani hackers hacked and defaced Central bank of India official website

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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