Muslim hacker calls for #OpAngola, Cyber attack over Angola on Governments decision of Putting Ban Over Islam.

Anonymous Muslim hackers from around the world, with some of the pro Muslim hacker groups have organised for a Cyber attack over Angola (#OpAngola).

Angola Government has been accused of banning Islam, Shut down several mosques, Islamic groups reports that within past two years 8 Mosques have been closed, several Mosques were destroyed and burnt, said ICA.

All though Angolan Governments Decline, that they have put any Ban over Islam, but it seems they are neither taking any appropriate actions against culprits. From past few months violence have taken over entire Angola, and finally Anonymous Muslim hackers have decided to take revenge from The Angola Government with a Cyber Attack dated on 4th December.

Several Muslim Hacker groups have already joined hands in hand for #OpAngola, posts From some of the groups on Facebook states,

They Banned ISLAM in Angola is this called ” tolerance” #OpAngola Starts on 4/12/2013 Be Ready !/ and for People here who are not Muslims , imagine if someone doesn’t permit you to practice your religion how would you act ? it reminds us of Staline & Hitler ! Damn FuCk Angola Gov !!!!

Few of the hacker groups that seems to be taking part in the Operation areAnonymous Arab, Anonymous Malaysia, Anonymous Indonesia virus noir, psfacons team, hackers fallaga, morocco leets team, Kalashnikov tn, Anon joker ,Anonghost and Anonsec.

It seems like hackers have already began the attack, several Government websites were brought down today by DDOS attack Including, Government Portal of the Republic of Angola ( Secretary of Council Of Ministry ( and several other websites.

At the time of writing the Article Secretary of Council Of Ministry was up and running as normal.

Several security analyst believes that planned attack on this level can cause a Cyber Blackout for Angola on the final  day of attack with data leaks and defacement of websites.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
Knowledge is Power


  1. so stupid…i whish you all knew Angola very well, what is there to attack…if electricity is a problem what more internet who cares this is 3rd world country…i am so sorry for you guys…


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