Pakistani hacker going with the handle ‘HUNT3R’, Who is also a member of pro Pakistani hacker group, ‘Pakistan Haxors CREW’, Hacked and defaced the official Government website of Armed forces Tribunal, Regional Bench, Jaipur, India (
The hacked website was showing a deface page as shown in the screenshot shown below:

The hacked website was showing a short message,

Pakistan Haxors CREW
Into your system….
we are security testers….
Your System has been hacked by
From fast few days ‘Pakistan Haxors CREW’ have been actively hacking Indian websites, mostly Official websites of popular south Indian channels, like jaya tv, Red FM & Sun Tv the same Group also hacked into Official website of AIADMK website.
Website hacked and Mirror:
At the time of writing the Article, the website was still showing the deface page and was not restored.


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