Pakistani hacker group, Pakistan Cyber Army and Team MaDLeeTs Jointly ventured and hacked Official Central bank of India website today.
The hacked website was showing a deface page, as shown in the screenshot below:

Homepage of website is still unaffected, but the page which is affected can be seen here ( The defaced page was showing a message:

Oooopsss ! WTF ? Central Bank of India HaCked ?
This attempt is in response to the Pakistani websites hacked by “Indian Cyber Army”.
We told you before too .. We are sleeping but NOT dead ! Remember PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army) !
Back off kids or we will smoke yOur doors off like we did before..
Calling Jihad shit ? What do you know about Jihad ? If you have no idea what Jihad is, I would recommend you ICA retards not to talk crap about it !
Jihad does NOT mean war !
Jihad means “to struggle in the way of Allah”
Watering a plant is a Jihad ! So don’t be fooled by the media
Stop crying over 26/11, go and pray for those who died instead of defacing sites.
Stop complaining about Pakistani websites security, secure you own ass first. Thats what intelligent people do ;D
A message by Pakistan Cyber Army and Team MaDLeeTs
Pakistan Zindabad !
Mirror of the defacement can be seen here:        
At the time of writing the Article the hacked website was still showing the deface page, and was not restored.


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