Washington post Officials confirmed Wednesday evening that there server have suffered a recent attack which may cause few of their employ accounts being compromised.
The intrusion was reported by ‘Mandiant’ a cyber security contractor that monitors the company’s network/server.

Although extent of intrusion has not been clear yet, but officials have asked employs to change their username and password.
Officials said their is no proof that subscribers information such as Credit card details, Home address or any personal details were accessed. Nor was any sensitive data related to publishing system was accessed. 
The Compromised accounts (Username and password) were in encrypted form, but it is possible that hacker somehow can decode it. 
The intrusion was of very short time, and began with an intrusion into a server used by The Post’s foreign staff but eventually spread to other company servers before being discovered. said Post Officials.
Evidence strongly pointed over Chinese hackers who were behind the intrusion of Post’s Network in 2011 along with The new York Times, The wall street journal, and several other Washington based institutions.

The company have suffered at least third intrusion in past three years, of which one was by the hands of Chinese hackers in 2011, One by Syrian Electronic Army in mid August this year and now which seems to be Chinese hackers again.


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