A latest report have confirmed that, American luxury specialty department store “Neiman Marcus” was also affected by The Credit Card hackers last month. The Confirmation about breach from Neiman Marcus came just after the Target Confirmed the Breach was bigger as previously expected by them, with now more than 110 Million costumers affected in Target breach.

The breach of Neiman Marcus is almost similar to that of Target, both of them is believed to occur in mid December last year, and Online retail shoppers have been effected, with online customers not affected at all.
Neiman Marcus spokesperson Ginger Reeder said, “the company does not yet know the cause, size or duration of the breach, noting that these are details being sought by a third-party forensics firm which has yet to complete its investigation.” 

Neiman Marcus was informed of the possible Breach by its credit card processor in mid December of Unauthorized payment card activity from Customers credit card after purchases at Neiman Marcus Group stores.

“Details on the hack are sparse. The cause, size, and duration of the attack are currently unknown, pending the completion of a third-party forensics investigation. The company is also working with the Secret Service, as is customary in these attacks.” Ginger Reeder said.

The two similar breaches in two of the most popular stores in U.S have arise a question mark on the safety of other Stores in the Country too, is it possible that few more stores were also targeted during the hack period. answers are still to come after the investigators comes to its final decision.