Snapchat Hack Not A Hoax: 4.6M Usernames And Numbers leaked online.

The news report posted by Techworm on 27.12.2013 proved correct when a site called went online and was giving out saved usernames and phone numbers for 4.6 million accounts for download.  The information given by SnapchatDB is said to be the result of the Snapchat exploit that Gibson Security exposed.  We had sent a mail to Snapchat after the Gibson Security Report but it remained unanswered.  

Snapchat Hack Not A Hoax: 4.6M Usernames And Numbers leaked online.
However there is this element of surprise in the timing of the going online and now offline.  Yes, as of now its website says that 

This account has been suspended. Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.

All over the world, the tech websites are reporting this leak with TechCrunch running a story around 6 hours ago.  Though Techworm had reported the Gibson Security Report and later on there were reports of this being a hoax.  TechCrunch reported found out that the hack did take place first hand by seeing his number and that of Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel in the list.  We tried to download the data from but kept getting the message as above.  The news that data was available was confirmed by a Reddit who said that the leaked data contained only United State Numbers.
The numbers belonging to following areas are confirmed as leaked
Area code : Area
   212       Manhattan    
   213       Los Angeles       
   217       Champaign-Urbana     
   303       Boulder-Denver        
   305       Miami    
   310       Los Angeles     
   312       Chicago        
   315       Northern New York    
   323       Downtown Los Angeles      
   347       New York City       
   415       San Francisco        
   510       Oakland     
   518       Northeastern New York State      
   617       Southern Michigan    
   618       Southern Illinois        
   646       Manhattan     
   650       Mountain View      
   716       Buffalo        
   718       Bronx   Queens   Brooklyn    
   719       Southeastern Colorado       
   720       Denver-Boulder    
   754       Fort Lauderdale        
   786       Miami     
   815       Chicago Suburbs     
   818       San Fernando Valley      
   847       Northern Chicago Suburbs    
   857       Boston     
   909       Eastern Los Angeles    
   914       Westchester County   NY    
   917       New York City    
   929       New York City         
   951       Southern California    
   954       Fort Lauderdale       
   970       Western and Northern Colorado     
   202       Washington DC    
   203       Southwest Connecticut    
   204       Manitoba     
   205       Western Central Alabama    
   206       Seattle    
   207       Maine         
   208       Idaho         
   209       Eastern San Francisco     
   317       Indianapolis     
   318       Northern Louisiana     
   319       Eastern Iowa     
   320       Minnesota       
   321       Central Florida    
   325       Central Texas         
   330       Eastern Ohio          
   331       DuPage County   Illinois    
   469       Dallas     
   470       Georgia         
   475       Southwestern Connecticut     
   478       Central Georgia     
   479       Northwestern Arkansas     
   480       Central Arizona     
   484       Pennsylvania        
   605       South Dakota         
   606       Eastern Kentucky    
   607       Southern New York State    
   608       Southwestern Wisconsin          
   609       Eastern part of Southern New Jersey     
   610       Pennsylvania     
   612       Minneapolis         
   732       Eastern part of central New Jersey    
   734       Southeastern Michigan incl. Ann Arbor      
   740       Southeastern Ohio     
   747       San Fernando Valley   LA    
   757       Southeastern Virginia        
   760       Southeastern California       
   762       Georgia     
   863       Florida         
   864       South Carolina     
   865       Knoxville   Tennessee     
   867       Canadian territories in the Arctic far north     
   870       Arkansas    
Redditor Robbie has posted a script which gives out whether or not your number is in the leaked list (though it does only username parsing at present).  You can check your username here, the sample script is provided below :

Happy new year, your Snapchat data may have been leaked!

This is running really slow right now, please stand by

This script will let you put in a username and we will check it against the database. We can’t check phone numbers yet.

Full disclosure of Snapchat API from Gibson Security. Data from here. Checker script by ws. Hosted by Robbie.

NOTE: We don’t own this data. We didn’t scrape it, steal it, buy it, whatever. We are just trying to provide a helpful service to the community.

The website then throws up whether your username is all clear or in the list.  The only worry as said above is the timing of the leaking of data.  We are not taking names but looks like the fish are rotten deep within.

UPDATE : A 13GB Cache of SnapChat images has been leaked, read more about it here.

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