The Nationalist Movement’s official website ( has been hacked and defaced by Anonymous members. The Nationalist Movement is a Mississippi-based white supremacist organization.

The Nationalist Movement is a U.S. Supreme Court-winning, majority-rights, citizen-empowerment organization. For over 25 years The Nationalist Movement has been “The Home of Legal Activism.”

The hacked website was showing a deface page as shown in the screenshot given below:

The hackers wrote the following statement on the defaced website:

‘We will take all actions to eradicate white pride from every corner of our world, physical and virtual. We will strike at all who support, promote, spread or hold fascist ideals, and we will do so with all of our strength, which is a great strength,”

The attack seems to be coordinated as a part of #OpAntifa, a campaign that has been brought up against nationalists, racists and fascists. This is a just a few days after December 15, 2013, when Anonymous first broke into The hackers claimed they had deleted all their files back then. 

The following screenshot shows how the Nationalist movement website looks when it is not hacked:

At the time of posting this article, the website still remains defaced. 


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