A largest communication firm of Canada named as “Bell Canada” has became victim of new password breach. Bell Canada is alerting their small business customers that about 22,421 usernames and passwords were posted online.

Canadas Communcation Gaint "Bell" Faces An Hack Attack, User data leaked online.

Bell is Canada’s largest communication company which provides services like TV, Wireless Network, Phone, Internet and Business communication solutions.

Bell Canada has informed that this password breach occurred when one of their third-party supplier’s system was hacked.

Bell Canada states that they are contacting affected small business customers, Bell Canada has disabled passwords which are leaked they have informed appropriate Credit Card companies.
Bell Canada further clarifies that in total 22,421 passwords five valid Credit card Numbers have been exposed.

Bell Canada is working with Federals Officials and Hacked Suppliers to investigate the incident. According to the communication company this breach does not impact its residential or enterprise business customers and their Own network and systems were not affected.

Before the Bell Communication announced about this Breach, A hacker group called “NullCrew” Took responsibility for this hack via a Twitter Post. NullCrew also revealed that the information was accessed by SQL Injection Attack and they informed an Bell customer support employee week ago of the incident.

In an interview, Hacker Group claimed that they had access to Bell’s Servers for months.


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