In POS (Point of Sale) campaign a new Malware has been found named as “ChewBacca”. This Malware has Impacted 24 million computers around the world , According to RSA they have exposed the server infrastructure used in the campaign and found that ChewBacca trojan is stealing the Data of payment cards like Credit and Debit Card since Oct 2013. But How Cyber criminals were Infecting the system is still unclear.

Senior officers of RSA are investigating the threat. US has the most number of impacted retailers, including Russia, Canada and Australia. The real IP address of hte control server cannot be retrived because entire communication is handled by via TOR network.
RSA has taken steps to notify the credit card users in process of notifying the victim.
RSA further adviced that in future to defend this types of attacks businesses should add more staff for security purposes to detect and stop attack, they can also encrypt using strong encryption methods so that it becomes very hard to decrypt data.
What is Chewbacca malware?
The login page of the server collecting data from infected point of sale machine featured a picture of the Star Wars Wookie.
Chewbacca malware is a basic type of keylogger and memory scanner which runs at windows startup, RSA has found that deleting the malware and rebooting the system will remove the threat from the machine.
Conclusion : In todays world where Data Security is the most important factor in any business. This Attack has showed that not every one cares for data security. How can 24 million computer failed to detect a normal Malware which runs at startup and can be deleted easily, Deleting the Malware  Does not secures the system strong security applications must be installed in the system.We all know in business money is the goal but clients data security should be cared.


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