Few of the Most popular torrent sites around the world including, KickassTorrents, EZTV, Extratorrent are facing lots of Downtime from last few days, Most of these sites have been down today from past few hours.

The latest report suggests that most of these sites are down by an ongoing DDOS Attack Campaign coming from several unknown sources.

TV Torrent group EZTV confirmed that they are dealing with a serious flood of unwanted connections, which renders the site unavailable. whereas Kickass Torrents and ExtraTorrent was also down with Kickass torrent site’s DNS servers not resolving to any IP address, and ExtraTorrent showing a web cached version using Cloudfare.

While the BitTorrent trackers are no strangers to DDOS Attack, but “2014” have become a tough time for these sites.

Regular DDOS Attacks over these websites this year have given way to a few big questions “Are these DDoS attack managed by the Movie studios and the authorities”.

Over the last year MPAA and RIAA have been demanding stricter action and yesterdays Snowden leaks do point a finger towards the authorities regarding these attacks