New Vulnerability Found In Adobe Flash Player

Adobe has advised its users to immediately update flash player. Adobe has published an emergency Security Bulletin that addresses vulnerability in flash player, How ever Flash Player has released an patch to fix the vulnerability. Name of that vulnerability is (CVE-2014-0497), This vulnerability allows attacker to remotely take control of the targeted system hosting flash.

This vulnerability affects and earlier versions of flash for Windows as well as Mac. This vulnerability was discovered by two researchers at kaspersky lab, Alexander Polyakov and Anton Ivanov.

Some months ago a team of Kaspersky discovered an operation which was working since April 2007.This vulnerability has affected various system around 27 countries. This exploit includes bootkit and rootkit it has infected Mac and Linux systems and it has an customised attack against kaspersky products.

Kaspersky lab provided technical analysis of the exploit and payload. There are total 11 Versions of Flash player which have this loophole.

Adobe was informed about the exploit running in Flash player, Adobe recommends its users to update their installation to the latest versions.

Adobe further states that Users of Adobe Flash player should update their Adobe Flash player to As well as users of Adobe Flash player which is used in Linux operating system should update their Adobe Flash player to

Adobe Flash Player which are installed in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 (Windows 8) and Internet Explorer 11 (windows 8.1) will automatically updated to latest versions.

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