Moroccan Hackers have targeted Italian Government to share there words to the world, Just a hour ago 5 Government websites of Italy was hacked and defaced by the Hacker group going with the handle “Moroccan Islamic Union-mail”.

Several Government websites of Italy hacked and defaced by Moroccan Hackers.

The defacement page was similar to the previous hack, just a week ago over The Colombian Government website 
The defaced website was showing a short message, 

we do not want muscle-flexing. just want to get our message across the world to discover the truth. 
yes, the fact that should be explored invite you to show filter this video to discover 
the truth for yourself #THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL 

In addition to the above statement the defaced website was also playing a Youtube video, depicting The stark reality about the Prophet Muhammad in the Bible.

List of defaced websites and their Webcached Version(Mirror):

Hacker most probably have a backdoor installed over the server which is providing him access to the websites.

At the time of writing the Articles all the websites were still showing the deface page.



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