South Korean Government has planned to develop a Sophisticated Cyber Weapon similar to the Stuxnet malware. According to Yonhap, A South Korean News Agency, The weapons are part of the wider government strategy which will help them to Boost South Korea’s national cyber-offensive capabilities . An unnamed source within the South Korean Ministry confirmed that the South Korean Government will be funding the creation of the sophisticated malware which will be designed to sabotage North Korean’s missile and Atomic facilities. Once the second phase is established the cyber command will carry out compressive cyber warfare mission.
Exactly how this malware will work is still unknown But this malware is designed to Brutalize any source targeting South Korean System with any kind of cyber Attacks.
News about Korean Government is that they will also fund in the creation of the new cyber Defense department which will run by the joint chiefs of the staffs. This department will act as a control tower of cyber warfare missions.
This new department will oversee the defensive cyber warfare missions when some major networks of South Korea will be hit by major Hack attack.
The news came just after the Korean minister of Defense announced new cyber-attack sharing information in partnership with US. The Partnership was announced at the first Korean US national Defense Cyber Cooperation working group.


According to source the US had funded the creation of the Stuxnet malware which is a cyber-sabotage tool which was discovered in 2011, which targeting Iranian Nuclear Facilities. Security Giant Kaspersky reported that the malware has managed to infect many Russian nuclear facilities in 2013.


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