One of the most Advanced Computer virus which targeted government institutions, energy, gas & oil companies and other high-profile victims via cross-platform malware toolkit has been Uncovered by security researchers at Kaspersky labs.

Virus "Mask" targeted more than 31 Countries to spy over the Government Institutions and high profile companies.

The virus which is making its round over the Internet back from 2007 uses the Spanish word careto (Mask) in its core code, targeted 31 Countries and infected more than 380 organisations. is one of the most complex and sophisticated Malware. The virus was programmed in different versions which helped it to infect Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Possibly the versions of Android and iOS (iPad/iPhone). and few other operating system.
Kaspersky said the virus was made by a Nation state to probably help it spy over other Nations, within the targeted Organisations are mostly government institutions, diplomatic offices and embassies, energy, oil and gas companies, research organizations and activists.
Within the Malware’s top victim comes Morocco, Brazil, France, Spain, UK and several other nations making a total of 31 Countries.

The main goal of the virus is to gather sensitive data from the victim, including information from databases and users such as login information, bank balances, and credit card data.
So far it is still unknown who is behind the mask, and why it was created, leaving behind the possibilities of it being created for Global Cyber-espionage.
Experts at Kaspersky and Symantec labs have asked users to keep virus definitions up to date, and scan frequently for infections. 


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