In what is developing news, the Google’s real-time chat services, including Hangouts in Google+, Google+ Sharing and Gmail are down right now.  As per the indications available the outage is fairly widespread throughout the world.  

Messages in Gmail’s chat integration are receiving system messages saying “[user] did not receive your chat” or simply not showing up, while in Google+ a loading animation with “Things are taking longer than expected” is showing in the Hangouts chat tab. On mobile, we’re getting authentication errors signing into the service.  Gmail which is working right now was behaving strangely too. However the friends in the left hand side are still shown as busy despite of them being online.

The downrightnow doesnt report anything irregular and says Gmail and Google Plus is up right now however using them is turning out to be very irksome.  The only feasible alternative right now is chatting with Facebook Messenger.



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