A massive breach of Russian premier defence material exporter,Rosoboronexport by the hacktivists reveals 1000’s of documents pertaining to the Russian Defence Export (ROE). These are highly classified documents and most of them were never meant for public eyes.

In a Statement on CyberGuerrilla the hackers said, “Taken into consideration recent Russian Government dillusional attempts to start WWIII, WE – Free from Putin – people of Russian Federation – Free computer renegades and outlaws from IT Security – have decided to initiate a true domestic CyberWAr on Russian Military Enterprises and Eventually we shall deliver critical infrastructure companies on which Russian Putin’s Empire (foked in da head) stands on.”

The leak which comes from Rosoboronexport includes details of Russian Military trade with India and other Countries.

Rosoboronexport is the sole Russian state intermediary agency responsible for import/export of the full range of defense and dual-use end products, technologies and services.

Hacker said, “We’ve managed to hack into Indian Embassy in Moscow and eventually sent an infected letter to Mr.Saprykin CEO of ROSOBORONEXPORT.” and that is how we hacked ROE.

“Same way we have infected SUKHOI, OBORONPROM, GAZFLOT, RUSAL and VELES CAPITAL and many others but we shall deliver them right after this very first leak”.

The leaked data seems to be legit, but Official statement from ROE is still awaited for confirmation of the breach.

Preview of The leaked Documents can be seen on imgur

The leaked data is up for download on online file sharing network bayfile and contains 1000’s of Documents in pdf format.

Earlier this week Russian equipment installed in Crimea were used to block Ukrainian Mobile services
Including several Government websites are being targeted and are defaced or brought down day by day, “The Cyberwar is On Between the two Countries”


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