Virginia-based enterprise software and information solutions provider Deltek is the latest victim of data breach by cyber criminals.

Deltek suffers data breach, Payment card details of 25,000 Deltek customers at risk

Hackers took advantage of a Vulnerability in Deltek’s GovWin IQ system and gained access to personal details of more than 80,000 federal contract workers that Deltek was storing on its servers. What was more worrying was that the Credit card information of 25,000 out of 80,000 contract workers were stolen as well.

The breach was discovered back on March 13 and since then Deltek has been taking essential security measures prevent any further breaches due to GovWin IQ system, including a mandatory password change every 90 days. Deltek also said that it has been working with law enforcement agencies to find out the culprits.  On Thursday a report claimed that the Deltek breach hackers have been apprehended by FBI but no such comments/confirmation have been made by the FBI and justice department over the arrest.

The customers suffering from the breach were notified of the situation and the company is offering them membership in TransUnion Monitoring at no charge. A Deltek spokesman said that as of now Deltek has not noticed any misuse of the stolen data.  But it is well known that hackers generally wait for a cooling of period before releasing the credit card information in case of political hacking or selling it on the Dark Web forums for profit in case of a cyber crime.



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