Hackers going with the online handle “Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail” today hacked and defaced the Official Government website of Ministry of Health, Directorate General for Non Communicable diseases of Saudi Arabia.

Moroccan hackers defaces official website of Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia

The website(https://moh-ncd.gov.sa/) was hacked and left defaced with a statement written in Arabic and the picture of Mohamed Morsi The President Of Egypt.

The English translation of the original message,

Breakthrough in response to a statement the Saudi Interior Ministry inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood in the list of terrorist groups  
Our message to the governor of Saudi Arabia:  The day will come who are under it is exposed to more than what it is now Syria.  The most worthy AQIM contain the Two Holy Mosques to be a compromise in everything  Do not be biased for a class to another, until he became Al Saud believe in all that is Islamic terrorist  And all of the resistance for pursuing terrorism  
The injustice of kin most Amadadh — one of Hussam signed Mohannad.
 Signature: Moroccan Islamic Union-mail
Only the homepage of the website was defaced and all other pages were working fine, a webcached version(Mirror) of the defacement can be seen here
It is not the first time when Ministry of Health, Directorate General for Non Communicable diseases of Saudi Arabia was hacked, but earlier this year Syrian hacker going with the handle ‘Dr.SHA6H’ also defaced the website.
At the time of writing the Article the website was still showing the deface page.