When testing a website for vulnerabilities, most business turn to automated scanners. But there is another way – a new online on-demand web penetration testing service called ImmuniWeb was officially launched last week.
New on-demand penetration testing service released by High-Tech Bridge – ImmuniWeb.
Techworm had already wrote about the website security assessment when it was in Beta in 2013, and now with over a year’s worth of Beta testing, ImmuniWeb is available to all. 

ImmuniWeb takes a new approach to scanning a web app or website for vulnerabilities.  The ImmuniWeb service uses both manual web application penetration testing and automated vulnerability scanning to create a report on a website’s vulnerabilities. 
New on-demand penetration testing service released by High-Tech Bridge – ImmuniWeb.
Manual testing is conducted by High-Tech Bridge web penetration testers and guarantees zero false-positives while significantly minimising the number of false-negatives in a web security assessment report. The automated side of the assessment is performed by the company’s proprietary ImmuniWeb Security Scanner. Project configuration and management, secure online payment and report delivery is done online via ImmuniWeb Portal.

ImmuniWeb’s hybrid approach to web application security testing offers a real alternative to automated tools, scanners and services that currently dominate the market. Every ImmuniWeb report is manually written by a professional penetration tester who provides analyse each weakness and vulnerability detected, and recommend fixes in easy to understand language that any non-technical person can understand. 

The service seems to have some important fans as in the press release about the launch Graham Cluley, independent computer security analyst and owner of Grahamcluley.com, said of ImmuniWeb:

“What’s cool is that the ImmuniWeb service isn’t just a web vulnerability scanner, hunting for flaws on customers’ websites. At the same time as that is running, High-Tech Bridge also has a team of ethical hackers, with years of professional web security experience, manually attempting to penetrate websites, and searching for flaws and weaknesses.”

During beta stage, ImmuniWeb has been tested on thousands live websites, that use different web frameworks, platforms and web programming languages. According to High-Tech Bridge, the vast majority of security assessments already performed by ImmuniWeb demonstrated the highest vulnerability detection rate compared to traditional vulnerability scanners and automated SaaS solutions.

The service is also endorsed by some notable security organisations and ImmuniWeb SaaS successfully received CWE and CVE compatibility certification from MITRE in 2013.

To find out more, visit https://www.htbridge.com/immuniweb/
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