Snapchat takes sexting to a whole new level with destructible instant messaging and video calls
Snapchat has introduced two new features for its users on its popular App: Private instant messaging and video calls. The main essence of these features is giving a feel of ‘presence’ while chatting with opposite person.  With introduction of these features Snapchat takes sexting to a whole new level

Chatting with a friend is an easy task with snapchat now, all one need to do is swipe on a desired name in your inbox, and chat window pops up. Chat as long as you want. Once you close the window chat deletes on its own-Yes ‘Privacy’ is the priority of Snapchat creators. There is also a feature to save chats or to take screen shot just by tapping at the end of conversation. Along with messaging one can also do a video streaming?  Another feature is that if you and your friend happen to be online at the same time, the App will alert you by saying they are ‘Here’ on the screen.  You can than connect with your friend just by pressing and holding the screen will let you chat face to face instantly.   You can also play around with both your cameras one at a time.

23 yr old Snapchat CEO Evan spiegal says “For Snapchat, the closer we can get to ‘I want to talk to you’ — that emotion of wanting to see you and then seeing you — the better and better our product and our view of the world will be.”  To Spiegel, the future of communication isn’t about rethinking or upgrading phone calls as Skype, Face Time, and Hangouts have done. It’s about imagining a future that leaves the phone metaphor behind entirely.

New Features of snapchat offers
-Private messaging
-Video calling
-Messages are deleted soon after you both leave chat window
-option to save message or take screen shot if you intend to at the end of the chat
-Alerts about your friend who is online when you are online
App, made it easier to add selfies and video to conversations 
Snapchat rejected a USD 3billion offer by Facebook late last year.

New features with App will be available soon in App store and Play store.

As said above, with this features, Snapchat now becomes the most awesome App for sexting and to those who want to cheat on their partners as chats get deleted soon after leaving the chat window?


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