AnonGhost hacks numerous government websites all across the globe

AnonGhost went on a hacking spree and Nothinghamshire police were at the receiving end today when hackivists claiming to be the “voice of Palestine” managed to hack into their website and deface it. The hacker group known as AnonGhost have been targeting government websites for quite some time now. Although, its a riddle as to why a small time county and a regional police force was targeted.

Protest for Palestine

From the image, it appears this hack was carried out to show solidarity to the situation of Palestine. Professor John Walker, an internet security expert at Nottingham Trent University, said hacking a site was a “fairly straightforward thing to do”. “They find vulnerability in sites, they inject their own bits of code or content and they embarrass the organisation,” he said. “If it can be brought down this easily there are questions there.”

The message is mis-spelt though. And it is unlikely that the site contained any sensitive information. There have also been other hacks reported related to terrorist activities. Earlier this week the Keighley Cougars rugby team’s website was hacked and replaced with a page featuring the message: “I love you ISIS”. In October, a man from South Shields was arrested after Durham Police website was hacked, although specific details have not been released.

Other Government website hacked

The Nottinghamshire Police website was not the only one targeted by AnonGhost.  They seemed to be on a mass hacking spree.

Each of the website seemed to be hacked for different reason whilst some governments who support the Palestinian cause were also targeted.

Seems the Prof.John Walker was right, they found the vulnerabilities and just pinched the websites.


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