Father of 10 year old impersonates her on Facebook to get a child abuser arrested

Father of 10 year old impersonates her on Facebook to get a pedophile behind bars.

When the reason is just, any means to get it done will justify it. This happened in case of Wayne Corkhill a serial child abuser who got arrested and is now locked up for six years.  Apparently Wayne aged 23 was abusing a child or what he thought was a 10 year old girl on Facebook by telling her  she was “gorgeous” and that she should come to his home for “cuddles”.

But instead, the little child’s father was impersonating her on the Facebook and received the ‘cuddly’ message from Wayne. Further messages only confirmed to the girl’s father that Wayne was trying to groom his little girl for abuse.  Inspite of making it clear to Wayne that his daughter was only 10 years old the pedophile persisted.  Thankfully these conversation records helped get Wayne locked away for a long time.

Wayne’s defence

Wayne claimed his Facebook account was hacked and someone else was using his identity to defame him.  When the girl’s father reported Wayne to the police, he came up with this corky explanation for the messages, according to the Daily Mail.

Past history

Wayne has a colourful past pedophilia history.  He has confessed to five charges of sexual abuse of with a child, plus two of meeting a child following  grooming and one of attempting to meet a child following grooming, all of which happened last year. Wayne was incidentally grooming two girls aged 11 and 12 while on bail.  His modus operandi seems that contacting little kids on Facebook and grooming them for abuse.

The verdict

Judge of Preston Crown Court, Robert Altham sentenced Wayne to an extended prison sentence of six years and seven months. Judge Altham observed in his sentence that,

I have no doubt that had he been left to his own devices these girls would have suffered extremely serious harm at his hands.

Fortunately the 10 year old’s father was active on the social networking site and could get this crook locked away from the civil society for six + years. Unfortunately, there are many cases of such kind of child abusers using Facebook and other social sharing networks, going unreported.  Even if you don’t go to such extremes as impersonating your children online, it’s wise to practice strong vigilance regarding who your kids are in contact with.


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