Were Mumbai’s Airport servers DDoSed / Hacked / or was it a technical glitch?

The check-in system servers of the Airports Indian financial and nerve centre of Mumbai was down and out of service for 50 minutes today bringing the Mumbai Airport to a standstill.

The Presser released by the Mumbai International Airport Limited, the company operating the Mumbai Airport said that :

The check-in system at terminal 1B of the domestic airport in Mumbai collapsed on Sunday due to crashing of the server resulting in flight delays for some time causing inconvenience to passengers.

However, the system has now been restored and operations at the terminal are normal, a Mumbai International Airport Limited official said.

“The system remained down for 50 minutes due to which check-in could not take place through the computers and it was being done manually,” he said.

The number of flights which got delayed due to the crashing of the system is yet to be ascertained, the official said. Private carriers Jet Airways, SpiceJet and IndiGo operate flights from terminal 1B while national carrier Air India and budget carrier GoAir operate from terminal 1A of the city’s domestic airport.

However what the presser didnt say was how the servers went down.  Normally a server based system doesnt go down for 50 minutes without secondary server being kicked into action.  Even if it goes down, there are back end alternatives open to the cyber team of any company.

For a system to go down for 50 minutes, it is possible that the computer network might be hit with a cyber attack, DDOS or hack attack However it is not confirmed by any source that the Mumbai Airport servers suffered any of these and it may just be a technical glitch.

We have sent a email query to MIAL, the operators of the Mumbai Airports regarding the above and will publish their answer as soon as we receive an answer.


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