Ars Technica Hacked, Popular Technology Website Falls Prey to Hackers

Ars Technica, the technology news and information website has become the latest news organisation to fall prey to hackers

With more and more vulnerabilities and exploits in rise, staying secure on the internet has almost become impossible for everyone, including those reporting about it. Earlier today the top technology and security news website Ars Technica fell victim to a hack attack leaving the website showing deface page to many for hours.

The deface page contained a black background color page with white text color reading,

Ars Security.

@nidohax – @metapawd

cue the music

Techworm looked at the two Twitter handles mentioned on the defaced page, but surprisingly both handles seems very new and didn’t mention much about the hacking.

Hacking or Hijacking? 

From the little bit we know about this hack, it looks like Ars Technica website was redirected to the defaced page by changing the name server records. The same is confirmed by looking at the whois records of the website which was last updated earlier today after the hack attack.

Ars Technica confirms the hack attack

Ars Technica later confirmed the attack in a very terse sentence, saying, they are aware of the issue, and are working on it. followed by a smiley 🙂

The website has now been restored and is working normally however Ars Technica has not given any explanation as to what went wrong with it for the brief period.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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