Google fixes critical CSRF flaw in the default share buttons on Blogspot domain which would have allowed attackers to hijack blogs

Google has updated its Blogger feature to fix a flaw in its system that could potentially allow any individual to post an article on any website hosted using Blogger’s architecture . The critical flaw was found out by an Egyptian security expert Mazen Gamal Mesbah (@MazenGamal).  He discovered a critical CSRF (Cross-site request forgery) vulnerability in the default share buttons under a blogspot post which could be utilized to hijack the blogspot.


Below the steps followed by the Mesbah to discover the flaw:

  • I found the vulnerability in Button of Share Articles in blog as shown in the following picture.
  • When I noticed this button I decided to investigate the possible presence of a flaw affecting it.
  • When I click on Blogger Share button I noticed the CSRF token the Request, then I tried to bypass the mechanism of authentication based on it.
  • I succeeded in the trick.
  • Once verified the presence of the flaw I wrote an exploit file that could be used against any blog just knowing the Blog ID.
  • The Blog ID is easy to retrieve, I discovered an easy way to access it.
  • Once completed the exploit I tested it against the Blogger platform and I verified that it was working.

Google fixes critical CSRF flaw in the default share buttons on Blogger


The timeline for the above vulnerability is reported below:

2/9/2014 – The vulnerability was found and report by  Mazen Gamal Mesbah to Google.

2/9/2014 – Response received from the Blogger team acknowledging the vulnerability

3/9/2014 – The vulnerability was patched

4/9/2014 – A reward  aka bounty of $3133.7 was received by the researcher for pointing out the vulnerability


Mesbah has uploaded a video detailing how he found out the vulnerability, which is given below :

Resource : Security Affairs.


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