Kim ‘Santa’ Dotcom, the owner of Mega, gets Lizard Squad to call off DDoS attack on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live

Lizard Squad may have been one of the most viled and cursed hacker group in the galaxy yesterday. Thousands of gamers both PlayStation network and Xbox Live ones, spent their Christmas fuming and fretting as both the services refused to connect online due to the massive distributed denial of services (DDoS) attacks by Lizard Squad.

Out of those thousands, few hundreds who wanted to try out the all new XBoxes and PlayStations that they received as Christmas gifts, were for in for a rude shock as they unboxed their new gaming consoles only to be unable to connect to the gaming networks. For around 24 hours, both, XBox live and PlayStation networks were intermittently offline and sometimes totally unreachable after the Lizard Squad’s DDoS attacks.

Luckily for them and the gaming fraternity an unlikely ‘Santa’ in the guise of Kim Dotcom arose to stop the Lizard Squad from further attacks. Kim Dotcom, the owner of Mega cloud storage and a avid gamer himself, got into negotiations with the Lizard Squad to stop the attacks.

It all started with a tweet from Kim ‘Santa’ Dotcom


With the tweet conversations going into the night, the Lizard Squad finally came to an agreement to stop the attacks. The price, 3000 Mega premium vouchers.

Once the vouchers were in Lizard Squad’s possession, the attacks did indeed slow down and Christmas was saved. Though a few still experienced outages, it was largely due to the previous attacks. Lizard Squad also tweeted as to how it managed to bring both Sony and Microsoft to its heels.

And they signed off with a last tweet for the gamers

As said above there may be still some outages but lot of gamers have confirmed that both the consoles are now connecting with the network.


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