Database of Lizard Stresser Tool clients leaked, more than 14241 users leaked

Userbase of Lizard Squad’s Lizard Stresser clients leaked

Fresh on the back of news of arrest of a member of Lizard Squad in Liverpool yesterday, another news that the client base of Lizard Squad’s DDoS rent-a-tool, Lizard Stresser has been leaked during a hack attack on the Lizards Squad’s website, Lizardstresser(.)su.

The hack on Lizardstesser(.)su was reported by Brian Krebs of Krebs On Security. According to Brian, someone hacked LizardStresser[dot]su, the Web site the group uses to coordinate attacks and sell subscriptions to its attacks-for-hire service.

A copy of the LizardStresser customer database obtained by KrebsOnSecurity shows that it attracted more than 14,241 registered users during its first month of operation.  Though Brian says that only a few of those may be using the rent-a-tool.

Another interesting fact noticed from the hack and the leak is that Lizard Squad saved all registered usernames and passwords were in plain text.  Also, the database indicates that customers of the service deposited more than USD $11,000 worth of bitcoins to pay for attacks on thousands of Internet addresses and Web sites.  It may worth to mention here that Lizard Stresser was used on Brian Krebs websites as well but it is unknown whether someone rented out Lizard Stresser to DDoS Krebsonsecurity or the Lizard Squad did it on their own accord.

The Lizard Squad had brought down both Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation gaming networks during a DDoS attack lasting through Christmas days causing heartburn among millions of gamers.

It is though that these attacks were actually a advertisement for their DDoS rent-a-tool called Lizard Stresser or booter as it is called by them.  The Lizard Stresser allows users to rent it for a period of time ranging from a few seconds to 8 hours by paying Lizard Squad bitcoins.

In an unrelated news, the 18 year old teenager arrested yesterday and whose story we broke out first was found be Jordie of Lizard Squad.  According to two sources close to the investigation, the name of the 18-year-old is Jordan Cameron. Known online variously as “Jordie,” “EvilJordie” and “GDKJordie,” Cameron frequently adopts the persona of an African American gang member from Chicago.

Jordie’s Twitter account which usually posts tweets at a rapid pace has been silent for past 18 hours.  The Liverpool police or the nodal team SEROCU investigating the PSN and XBox DDoS attacks has not confirmed that the 18 year old arrested IS Jordie as of now however most media reports make the arrested individual to be him.

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