Facebook down; Facebook and Instagram face international outage, social animals harangued

Facebook down; Hundreds of users left clueless as Facebook, Tinder, and Instagram go offline

Hundreds of users were left clueless when they found their favourite social network, Facebook down due to a worldwide outage.  The sudden worldwide outage of Facebook, Tinder and Instagram around 30 minutes ago became a butt of jokes and criticism over the Internet. The reason of the outage is not known but it is hoped that the outage is due to technical reasons.

However the outage seems to be so acute that even the Like Widget on websites and blogs including the one on Techworm is throwing up error message.

The Facebook outage first occurred around 1.10 am ET and Instagram went down subsequently followed by Tinder. Luckily for users, the Facebook owned mobile instant messaging App, WhatsApp is operating normally as of now.

Users took to Twitter to vent their fury about the outage

We have contacted Facebook for the reasons for the outage and to get the ETA of Facebook and Instagram getting back on their feet and will keep you updated.

Facebook has just acknowledged something was wrong with an error message on its main site while the isitdownrightnow site seems to be knocked offline after a barrage of users querying the usual “is Facebook down?” on its site. That is what we call, a collateral damage!!

Update # And now the infamous hacker gang have joined the outage party of #FacebookDown


#Update : 2.15 am ET Facebook is now up and slowing limping back to normalcy

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  1. Why is this happening to Facebook? Why can’t the websites of the scum of the internet be hacked so that those addicts can wine for a day? Hack Reddit or Imgr ffs.


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