Now a Jeans that can stop a hack attack

Betabrand and Norton team up to offer Jeans that can stop hackers in their tracks

Jeans as an anti-hacking device, you have gotta be kidding, right! No, internet clothing manufacturing firm, Betabrand does not think so. It has partnered with popular anti-virus makers, Norton Anti-Virus to make trousers that make it hard for hackers to penetrate through to your Payment cards or RFID based identifying devices.

The good news is that Betrabrand has succeeded in manufacturing a Jeans trouser which can stop any cyber criminal from accessing details to your payment cards or RFID based devices like Passports without your knowledge, if you wear it.

The Betabrands Jeans work by using a silver- based material in the pockets that act to block signals. If you are wearing Betabrands manufactured Jeans, the cybercriminals cant hack into your payment cards details or RFID based devices like a Passport.

The San Francisco located clothing firm behind the new jeans has said that they will go on sale in February and will cost $151 (£96). They will also be selling a blazer with similar anti hacking properties that costs $198.

Readers may note that there are other companies who are offering such anti hacking clothes. One of them is Disklabs which has produced a wallet and bag designed to stop this sort of hacking attempt. Another company called Pen Test Partners is coming out with RFID blocking suit.

Police forces use such anti RFID bags for storing the mobile phones seized in a raid or those which form part of the evidence.  It has been found that such confisticated mobiles phones have been remotely wiped out as the Police did not store them securely.

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  1. This product is entirely pointless since there has never been even a single case of someone stealing a person’s ID by reading an RFID card. It’s nothing but inaccurate media hype.

  2. “your grammar is fucking terrible. i honestly can’t take this article seriously, the grammar and tone is so terrible.”

    Seriously? Did you read your own comment? Your writing skills are even worse, hypocrite.


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