Seagate Seven, World’s Slimmest Portable Hard Drive

Meet Seagate Seven, the world’s thinnest portable hard disk

Seagate has launched world’s thinnest portable hard Drive- Seagate Seven, the seven mm Portable hard Drive with a super thin stainless steel enclosure protecting the advanced 5mm hard drives inside the steel shell. Seagate Seven will be slimmer than iPhone 6 Plus.

Seagate Seven was launched on last Sunday to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Seagate, a world leader in storage solutions.

The stunning slim Seagate seven comes pre-loaded with Seagate Dashboard and a High-quality braided USB 3.0 cable.



Interface-USB 3.0


Typical Weight-150gm

Width-76mm Length-113.5mm

Seagate Seven the World’s Slimmest Portable Hard Drive
Looking at the specs and features of the device with a little less of the capacity (500GB) it is priced at about $99.99 and will be available in the market in mid to late January.

Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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