The Musical Saga : Playing Music With Your Musical Gloves

Earlier there was  a period when humans used to produce music with the help of instruments which they had created. These instruments were usually very heavy and could produce only one musical tone. But as the generations passed, the technologies updated these obsolete instruments with modern music instruments in which one or more music can be produced. It also helped to make them simple and compact.

picture of musical gloves
picture of musical gloves


But recent advancement in technology has helped engineers create something which has changed the world of music. How would you feel when someone tells you that he can produce music with the help on his movement only?  Isn’t it sounds something unnatural something like that of sci-fi stories but it’s true? An British engineer named Heap met Elly Jessop has made it real with the help of a team hackers, musician and technologists. He has developed a musical glove using his gestural data.

a musician performing the stage show with gadget
a musician performing the stage show with gadget


The gloves are loaded with a myriad of sensors, buzzers and buttons which is connected to a computer system. When the fingers are bend it sends a group of information’s wirelessly back to computer which interprets each gestures and produces sound. The sensors are all dependent on the movement of your figures. The design is simple.


This creation has brought all lyrics, tones, sounds under one platform in the form of gloves.

The gloves are making waves both among technologists as well as musicians.


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