Torrent Freak Down, Lizard Squad’s DDoS tool Lizard Stresser at work again?

Torrents related news aggregator, Torrent Freak down, Lizard Squad claims Lizard Stresser at work

The worlds most popular torrent news related aggregator, is suffering from uptime problems for past four hours.  Torrent Freak provides up to date information about the happenings in the world of torrents, websites and related ancillaries.

The TorrentFreak website is up now but is suffering from intermittent downtime. Exactly four hours ago the official Twitter account of TorrentFreak tweeted about it being down

Followed by another tweet around two hour ago saying they were up and running

This was followed by another tweet saying that they again offline

Lizard Stresser at work?

The Torrent Freak online offline saga was added another twist in its intermittent downtime tale by a tweet from the Lizard Squad official Twitter account which stated that a certain client with Twitter handle of @MPAA had rented out its DDoS rent-a-tool, Lizard Stresser to take down Torrent Freak.

The @MPAA Twitter handle belongs to the Hollywood producer association called Motion Pictures Association of America and the connection between the Lizard Stresser and MPAA is not known. However MPAA is known to come up with harsh methods to curb online piracy which is hitting the Hollywood producers hard in terms of revenues lost.  The recent leak of thirteen most likely Oscar Awards contender movie screens to the torrent sites has cause added revenue loss for the Hollywood producers as most of these films were released only in the Los Angeles and New York theatres.

The leaks of screener versions of these thirteen movies is said to have originated from a single source which is suspected to a guild member of the awards committee or associate of such a member.

The MPAA connection with the Lizard Squad or Lizard Stresser has not been verified by any independent sources.

Lizard Squad who own the DDoS tool called Lizard Stresser have been quite vocal about the exploits of their DDoS tool and their previous claims have found to be correct but not proven to be linked to Lizard Stresser. Only a fews days back the Lizard Squad claimed that Lizard Stresser was used to bring down the image boarding website

Torrent Freak is up at the moment but like they themselves say,

Ahem! fingers crossed!

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