Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver’s website hacked, users redirected to malware laden website

Hackers Compromise Celebrity Chef, Jamie Oliver’s Website, Redirect to Exploit Kit

If you thought of visiting celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s to try out his mind boggling recipes in your kitchen, you may just land in soup yourself. Hackers have compromised Jamie Oliver’s website and are using it to redirect users to a malware laden website.

Jamie Oliver is an English celebrity chef, restaurateur, and media personality who runs his own food-focused television shows which are widely popular among foodies around the world. He has also published several cookbooks is also lending his hand for a global campaign for better food education.

Cyber criminals targeted Jamie’s website because of its popularity among foodies and hacked it.  They then injected it JavaScript malware that will redirect users to a malware laden website antkai dot com.  The users were further redirected to a landing page which hosts an exploit kit.

Thought it is not clear which malware tool was used by the hackers for the redirection but Jerome Segura of Malwarebytes said that the URL patterns applied by the hackers pointed to Fiesta EK. Jerome said that he cant be certain about Fiesta EK because the hackers had left the malicious JavaScript visible while users of Fiesta EK are masters at obfuscation of the scripts.

Jerome says that the hackers exploited one of the vulnerabilities CVE-2015-0311 in Adobe Flash Player.  This vulnerability, though patched by Adobe in the last week of January, 2015,  has been found to be used by cyber criminals in many attacks  using Angler exploit kit.

To add to the problem of the victims, the malware dropper remains unidentified by AV engines and only eight out of 57 antivirus solutions are able to detect the dropper.

According to the Malwarebytes researchers, the malware dropper used by the cyber criminals in this particular case tricked the visitors browsers  “into installing fake software updates which end up wreaking havoc on the system.”

So if you have recently visited Jamie Oliver’s website, you should get your PC thoroughly inspected and sanitized. The list of victims could be a long one,  especially since Jamie Oliver’s website gets around 10 million visitors a month from foodies around the world.

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