Classified Indian Government documents leaked to Private Companies, 5 Arrested

Petroleum Ministry classified files leaked, 5 arrested

Delhi Police has arrested 5 Individuals including two government officials and one press reporter for allegedly leaking classified documents from petroleum ministry of India to private companies for profit.

Delhi police said that, 5 individuals were arrested including a clerical staff and a peon of the Petroleum Ministry.  A press reporter has also been held because several classified documents found to be in his possession.

The police said, the two government officials who had access to classified documents, apparently stole the data and leaked it to private companies, most probably a big petroleum company in return for some illicit consideration.

While the investigation is still going on and very little is known, reports indicate that the leaked documents pertain to the government’s policy matter regarding petrol and diesel pricing  ahead of the crucial annual budget which will be presented in the parliament on 28th February, 2015.

The sources have also indicated that the five persons held for the leak may be tried under the severe Official Secrets Act of India.

Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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