Cyber-criminals using fake Windows 10 activators to scam you!!!

Growing popularity for Windows 10 has offered a tailormade Windows 10 activators scam for cybercriminals

Microsoft has given the opportunity to its user to join the Windows Insider Program so as to develop its new version of Windows 10 which can be user friendly and as well as technically efficient. Users who have joined this Technical Preview are constantly on the radar of these cyber-criminals.

Cyber-criminals are using YouTube by posting lots of fake windows 10 “activators” videos. If user activates this fake activator they would be directed to some illicit survey websites which may be a source of generating finance to these criminals. The website might lead users to click unwanted hidden ads and thus make illicit gains for the scam operators.

Some of these Windows 10 “activators” can lead the user to download unwanted applications which can lead to PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) and viruses. Some of the sites may even lead users to indefinite surveys in the name of downloading the Windows new version.

A new site “win10activator(.)com” promises its visitors to “activate” full unlocked version of the Windows 10. User needs to download the activation tool from this website and then disable the anti-virus software.  Such websites are a sureshot open invite to downloading malware to your PC. Another video called “Windows 10 Gamer Edition” is also going viral on the YouTube and this is another form of scam.

So all the users who want to get this Windows 10 version need to stick to the “Windows 10 Technical Preview” rather than downloading these self described versions from the various different sites on the Google. The different sites can be riskier as it may succeed in deploying malicious files to your computer and damage it permanently.

A word of caution would be “Beware” of all the cyber crooks who are just a “click away”.

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Maya Kamath
Maya Kamath
Content writer with unending love to pen down my thoughts and views regarding the new technological inventions as well as probe into the current affairs. Feel as if i am free bird who can actually live life at my pace.


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