This just in, Delta Airlines Facebook Page has been hacked.

Delta Airlines Facebook page was hacked earlier today by Cyber criminals to spread malware by posting infected links to tempting posts.

Several obscene links were published on the Delta Airlines Facebook page under the titles, “10 Reasons Why Girls Dont Give Blowjobs.” and “Worlds Fattest Woman and her Husband”. Shortly after the second post, Delta Airlines removed the objectionable links.

Instead of Delta Airlines flight information,

delta bad 1

Delta Bad 2

Following the link gave a Threat warning from the Avast Antivirus that detected the malware as Clickjack-AG (Trojan)

A quick checkup from the virustotal shows that most of the Antivirus programs were unable to detect the threat.

While these types of hack attacks are not new,  many users fell prey to such spam campaigns with their account or device being compromised.


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