Top 10 free Computer Software/Tools everyone should have

Certain excellent Computer system tools available for free of cost can add value to your PC.

Some Computer software recommended for every PC which is absolutely free of cost.

Techworm team has once again thought of bringing to the notice of all its followers few excellent system tools which can be added to the computer with ease and also absolutely for free of cost. Below are few Computer Software which are truly useful and in general handy to its user which also adds value to the computer. So by downloading some of these software user can make their PC truly a customized one.

  1. Browser: Prior to downloading the software directly from internet it is essential that user sets the Internet browser of their choice. Most commonly used browser is the Google Chrome. Another one is Mozilla Firefox. Based on their choice user can set their browsers, both of these are free for downloading and much faster than Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  2. PC Decrapifier: Most of the times the PC is pre-installed with certain software by the vendor. Some of the programs are useful however most of it is just junk and avails more space on the hardware. Here comes the use of PC Decrapifier software which will scan the computer and show the list of programs which add to the bloatware, user can check the list and remove all the unwanted programs from this list. Only word of caution would be user needs to be more careful while deleting these programs as user might delete some important program also.
  3. Recuva: As mentioned in point 2, it could happen that user may delete some useful file and then what? In such cases the Piriform’s Recuva is one such program which can help the user to recover any deleted file. The only caution is that the file should be in the recycle bin and not deleted in the shredder tool method.
  4. CCleaner: An absolute must for every PC as it helps the PC to run smoothly and keep it clean from all the unwanted cookies and unnecessary files, it also cleans the browser history.  This again is Piriform’s system tool.
  5. Avira 2015: Most of the times when user browses through the internet or plugs in some USB or they are downloading some programs from the internet there are chances of the PC getting malware /virus and hence it is always better to install this Avira 2015. Avira blocks and eradicates the nasty malware, spying adwares, it warns user if it sniffs some sites which may be dangerous to the PC. There are other free anti malware like AVG Anti Virus Free and Avast Antivirus Free which users can try.
  6. Malwarebytes Anti Malware Free: This is again an anti malware software. Now, why would anyone require this? The answer would be to give an extra layer of protection to the Avira 2015. With the advanced technology risk of malware threats are also increasing day by day so in case the Avira 2015 fails then this Malwarebytes Anti Malware Free comes in handy to secure the PC from unwanted malware.
  7. This is an image editor useful for those who are interested in graphic design and graphic arts.  This software is not as good as Photoshop however it has the minimum features to satisfy some common requirements and is available at much lower cost. For graphic professionals who cannot afford Photoshop can go for another software GIMP which is much efficient in comparison to
  8. VLC Media Player: In case of Windows 8 and 8.1 versions it can read DVDs however unlike the earlier versions of Windows this version cannot play DVD. In such a case VLC Media Player can read any video or audio format and it helps for those systems which do not support the DVD players.
  9. Cute PDF: This is again a free software which can be installed through the printer driver which is located at the Standard File, Printer window. This software helps to convert word document or an image to PDF format.
  10. Sumatra PDF: Adobe reader is most commonly found PDF reader. However, Sumatra PDF software is better to Adobe because Adobe reader undergo constant updation and attracts a lot of malware. In comparison to this Sumatra PDF is not known to most users hence the risk of malware is negligible also it is simple software to read PDF which is useful in day to day life and has a much better speed when compared with Adobe reader.

In addition to some of these general system tools/softwares there are a few more to name them WizMouse this helps to scroll through different inactive windows when user is multitasking, then Password Manager helps user to set a complex password which is the need of the hour in times when hackers are there on almost every site, Steam this is a software which helps to convert any PC into a gaming PC and helps to user to relax from the routine stressful work on their PC, Notepad and Source code editor: Notepad++.

Well hope this article helps the users to incorporate these free tools in their PC and avail maximum benefit of these in their day to day activities.

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Maya Kamath
Maya Kamath
Content writer with unending love to pen down my thoughts and views regarding the new technological inventions as well as probe into the current affairs. Feel as if i am free bird who can actually live life at my pace.


  1. Ridiclous… You post 2 different PDF readers & both PC Decrapifier & CCleaner?
    They do the exact same things.

    How about taking it just abit serious instead of just making a article for the sake of making one?

  2. Nice list. Just one comment. There does not exist word “updation” as in your sentence “because Adobe reader undergo constant updation”. It should be just ” because Adobe reader undergoes constant updates”. Thanks!


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