12 year old girl tries to kill her mother for taking her iPhone

12-Year-Old Girl From Colorado Tries to Kill her Mom for Taking iPhone

A bizarre incident of children resorting to revenge for confiscating their mobiles by parents.

A 12-year old fromĀ Boulder, Colorado was arrested on Friday following accusations that she attempted to poison her mother for taking away the girl’s iPhone not once, but twice.

The police complaint states that the girl allegedly attempted to murder her mother by trying to poison her with bleach on two separate occasions. In the first instance which occurred on March 2, she was successful in sending her mother to hospital after she poured the bleach into mother’s breakfast smoothie.

The girl apparently mixed the bleach with smoothie hoping it might kill her mother. Though the mother could smell bleach in the smoothie, she assumed that her daughter had washed up the cup and failed to clean it properly. So she drank it and had to be taken to hospital for a short trip from which she returned relatively unharmed.

The girl’s vengeance for her mother was probably devious more than thought because the 12 year old tried the similar trick again later in the week.

The girl, this time mixed the bleach with water in the water carafe her mother kept in the bathroom for drinking water at night. However the mother, who smelled the bleach again was a little suspicious at this time.

She confronted the girl and learned that the girl had mixed bleach on both occasions. Upon asking the reason for doing such a thing, the 12 year old said that she was attempting to poison her because the mother had previously taken away her iPhone.

Considering the matter as serious, the mother filed the above complaint and asked the police to look into the matter. TheĀ police have ultimately taken the girl into custody. As of now, the girl is being held in a juvenile detention facility and the police are yet to file charges against her.

Both the daughter and mother’s names have not been divulged by the police considering the age of the girl and her mental condition.

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