First episode of upcoming CSI : CYBER leaked by cyber criminals ahead of its premier

First episode of CSI : CYBER which is to be premiered tomorrow leaked online by cyber criminals

CBS’s CSI : Cyber first episode has been leaked online by cyber criminals. The first episode of the show which was to be premier tomorrow is now available online on streaming sites and cyberlockers.

Readers may note that CSI : Cyber is fourth in the series of popular CSI franchise and stars Emmy Award winner Patricia Arquette. The storyline of the first episode revolves around the FBI’s Cyber Crime Division which investigates illegal activities on the Internet, including piracy.

The leaked footage comes from a high quality rip probably of a screener version or direct source and doesn’t have any visible watermarks leading to questions that CBS may have allegedly leaked it as a promotional event, though CBS is yet to confirm or deny this allegation.

Another interesting fact is that the episode isnt being shared on torrent sites but on video streaming sites and cyber lockers. The leak comes from a group called PMP and is of x264 quality.

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