Google Chromebook Pixel 2, a premium Laptop from Google

Google launches two new Pixels on Wednesday, Google Chromebook Pixel 2 for $999 and Google Chromebook Pixel  “Ludicrous Speed” (LS) version for $1,299

Google has come out with not one but two premium Chromebooks. Called Google Chromebook Pixel 2 and Google Chromebook Pixel “Ludicrous Speed” (LS) version, the laptops are priced at $999 and $1,299 respectively.

Comparing to its previous avatar the Google Chromebook Pixel 1, the new Pixel is faster and has a higher resolution screen but lack of Apps means that users will have to shell out 1K for a super speed web browsing laptop which cant do anything else.

Whatever changes or advancements have been build into Pixel 2 are on the inside as from the outside it is hard to tell the difference between the Pixel 2 and its predecessor.

Pixel 2 specs

Google Chromebook Pixel 2, a premium Laptop from GoogleGoogle has now included 2 USB-C connectors in Pixel 2 and has put in a all new fifth-generation Core i5 “Broadwell-U” chip. Google says that i5 chip will increase the new Pixel’s battery life to almost 12 hours which marks a big difference from the Pixel 1 which gave 5 hours of battery life per recharge.

As said above, Pixel 2 is a glorified web browser which is run on Google’s Chrome operating system and Google’s cloud services. However Google has tried something new with Pixel 2.

The $999 Pixel 2 has a 2.2GHz fifth-generation Core i5, 8GB of memory, and a 32GB SSD while the premium version packs a 2.4GHz Core i7 and has 16GB of RAM, and 64GB SSD. Other than these specs both versions are similar.

Visually, Pixel 2 is a treat with a 12.85 inch display which gives a resolution of 2,560×1,700  at 239 pixels per inch. Pixel to has a 3:2 touch display and improved sRGB color schema thanks to the Intel HD Graphics 5500 chip. In addition to the dual USB-C connectors, the new Pixels offer two legacy USB-A ports and an SD card slot. For connectivity, Pixel 2 has Wi-Fi 802.11ac but has no option for 4G/LTE connections.

The new Pixels weigh a tad lighter than its predecessor at 3.3 pounds and measures a tad thinner too at 11.7 inches by 8.8 inches x 0.6 inches

New Apps

After the release of last Pixel, Google has managed to increase the count of Apps somewhat. Google has dished out a new app called 100,000 Stars which is part of what Google calls Chrome Experiments and lets users enjoy the 3D graphics capabilities of the Pixel using the WebGL language.  Another of the app which is useful is Adobe’s streaming Photoshop. In addition you can run all Android Apps with a hack.

Google has also ported a game named Bastion to Pixel but other than that there are very few games for pixel.

As said above, if you want lappy just for browsing internet, playing web games and opening 100s of tabs on Chrome than Pixel 2 may be right for you but it doesnt really gel to spend a fortune on browsers.

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