Kanye West tweets nudes of Kim Kardashian to celebrate her Twitter milestone

Hollywood celebrity Kim Kardashian completed the 30 million Twitter fan following on Monday and her husband, Kanye West, celebrated by tweeting a few intimate photos of her.

Perhaps Kayne wanted to try the classic shoutout ‘I Love My Wife’ to the world like the 2015 version of Lloyd Dobler’s boombox in Say Anything, only he added a little garnish to his tweets with word “SWISH!!!”

The term became a instant trend and Twitter users started using it memes.


Here are a select memes and parodies Twitter users tried

What is swish? Where did it come from?

Urban Dictionary mentions it as the sound a basketball makes when it flies through a hoop without touching the rim. “Swishy” is also a derogatory term which in UK “swish’ means cook.

“Kanyes probably alluding to basketball here. It’s a lovely, triumphant phrase, evoking a clean Stephen Curry three-point shot, accompanied by a fist-pump and a sprint down the court. It’s also a little sexual: a ball plummeting into a net without a bit of interference.”

Resource : Daily Dot.