Microsoft releases Windows Driver Frameworks Source Code on GitHub

Windows Driver Frameworks Source Code now available on GitHub

Microsoft has released the Windows Driver Frameworks source code on GitHub. The announcement of the same was made in the WinHEC 2015 being held at Shenzhen, China.

Making the Windows Driver Frameworks source code public, the MSDN Blog states that the repo is now live and can be accessed here.

Microsoft says that it has made source code public because it wants interested users to debug their drivers with it. It hopes that the source code will give developers, students and other interested users a knowledge of what the framework does.

“WDF has always been to make it straightforward to write high-quality drivers. The frameworks abstract away much of the underlying OS internals without sacrificing flexibility when it’s needed. Combine that with the world-class development environment we’ve enabled with Visual Studio and the Windows Driver Kit (WDK). The end result is a great experience for Windows 10 driver developers,” the blog states.

it goes on to add, “Still, we understand there’s no substitute for having OS source available. That’s why we’ve published the source behind WDF for anyone to dig through and debug their drivers with. This gives developers transparency into exactly what the framework does as their drivers interact with it. We encourage you to download the source and try stepping through it with the kernel debugger.”

Microsoft said that it has published the source code behind KMDF and UMDF v2. It has invited users to file bug test these source codes and report the bugs they find on GitHub repo issue tracking.

Microsoft said that it knew that the developer community was keen to make contributions to the framework however at present they wont accept contributions sent via GitHub pull requests. However, it said, it may start accepting them in near future.

If you want you can also download the set of the newly launched  Windows 10 drivers samples here.

The WinHEC is taking place in Shenzhen, China and will end today.

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