Mr Jump, the new iOS game on App Store hits 5 million downloads in 4 days

Mr Jump hits the five million downloads after 4 days on the Apple App Store.

A brand new iPhone and iPad game, Mr Jump, seems to be the “in thing”. Mr Jump, an iOS game from France’s 1Button, was launched just 4 days back in the App store and the very first day it was downloaded by 1 million users and within a matter of 4 days the downloads have hit a mark of 5 million!!

Mr Jump is fabulous and extremely simple and a “one button platform” as user just needs to tap which triggers the “jump” and then “Mr Jump” character is smart enough to move sideways all by himself. The jump is based on how long user taps because this is directly proportional to the “bounce” of Mr Jump. Now if there are major obstacles user would just need to tap the screen to avoid Mr Jump from bumping into this obstacle. As of now the game has only 12 levels and if user is able to identify the patterns which Mr Jump follows and memorize it then it will be easier for the user to reach the next level. Higher levels keep adding extra obstacles and alterations wherein user needs to change the direction of Mr Jump with exact timing. Game Developers are planning to add more levels of the game which will be much complicated and help user to become better day by day by playing the Mr Jump game.

The game can be downloaded free of cost from the App Store however it is accompanied with advertisements and to get rid of these ads user can opt for a paid version at a price of  €1.99. By beating the first level user can unlock the second level and so on for the higher ones. However, suppose user wants to just skip any level they can do so by paying €0.99 and purchasing a  “key” in the online app store … using this key user can easily skip the current level and move to higher one.

Mr Jump has been created by Jérémie Francone and co-founders Thomas Castel and Alexandre Konieczny. These creators wanted to create a character which would create an experience for the users and at the same time they did not want their users to feel as if they had to pay to win. At the same time the creators also had to create money for themselves, Mr Jump seems to have fulfilled all these wishes of the founders because within a matter of just 5 days it seems France’s 1Button is earnig a five figure revenue on a daily basis. Also user can just play the game in traditional way and reach the next level easily and if not then there is the €0.99 IAP key provided which users can use to skip the level to reach the next one.

Francone told Techcrunch via email.  “As gamers ourselves, we are not really into these pay-to-win models (checkpoints, continues…). They kind of ruin the experience. In Mr Jump, you have to complete a level to go to the next one. But if you are really stuck, you can buy a key to unlock the next level.”

Mr Jump has already gained editor’s choice in the iPhone app store and it seems this is just a beginning for a very bright future to the France’s 1 Button.

iOs users can download Mr.Jump from here.


iOS Game Mr Jump Leaps To 5M Downloads After Four Days On The App Store

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